Employment Law Complaints

When you are involved in a complaint, whether you are the business owner or an employee who believes your rights have been violated, the right attorney can help you through the complaint process. Joe Byars PA Attorney at Law is experienced on both sides of employment litigation matters. We offer dedicated representation in the following employment-related matters:

Race, Age, Sex (including pregnancy), National Origin, Religious and Disability Discrimination, Non-compete agreements, Wrongful Termination, Retaliation claims, Whistleblowers rights (including specific laws such as the Nursing Practice Act and the False Claims Act), Civil rights discrimination, Federal employment discrimination, and due process claims Resolving Employment Law Complaints

Joe Byars has a proven track record when it comes to business and employment litigation, having successfully litigated, through jury trial and appeal, many significant cases. For a representative list of cases, please see Favorable Results. If you have been unfairly terminated or feel you have been discriminated against, or if your business has had an employment law complaint filed against it, we can help. Contact our office to start the process of finding a resolution today.

Comprehensive Assistance for all of Your Business Needs

Our Firm offers representation catered to your individual business litigation or transactional needs. The areas we frequently assist our clients with include but are not limited to, the following:

Breach of Contract Litigation Business Tort Litigation Employment Disputes Franchise Litigation Anti-Trust Non-Compete agreements Trade Secret protection Confidentiality issues Contract disputes, drafting, and negotiation Lease drafting and negotiation Insurance disputes/Claims Insurance issues relating to coverage and liability

Rest assured that your legal matter will be handled personally by a member of our team who will be available to address any concerns you may have. From negotiating a resolution or representation through hard fought litigation, you will get personal attention every step of the way. Sometimes a little help navigating through a rocky or uncertain business deal can make all of the difference in avoiding a business lawsuit. Contact our Office today to schedule a consultation to discuss your business needs.

For more information, see "Employment Laws You Need to Know."